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LEVERLINK Dynamic Impact Bed for Conveyors.

LEVERLINK is the world leader in the design and manufacture of Dynamic Impact Beds for Conveyor Load Zones and Transfer Points. We specialise in larger conveyor belts from 1200mm wide to 3000mm wide. However, we do design for smaller belts when requested.

The Dynamic Impact Bed for troughed conveyor belts was conceived, designed and developed by Richard E. Sharp the Managing Director of LEVERLINK in Australia some 30 years ago. Initially using commercially available anti-vibration mounts, which often failed in harsh quarry and mining conditions. Leverlink designed and developed our own IMPACT MOUNTS specifically for the application. When correctly sized and installed they will not fail in operation. The life of the Impact Mounts is the service life of the Rubber Cords. These are manufactured in Australia and can be shipped to customers around the world.

Leverlink Dynamic Impact beds carry a 10 year mechanical and structural warranty, when correctly installed and operated according to the original conveyor functional specifications supplied by the client. The warranty does not cover consumables such as the slide media. The Slide Media service life (when correctly installed) depends on such factors as belt speed, free fall height of material, maximum lump size and more. It is not uncommon for a LEVERLINK Dynamic Impact Bed to last more than 20 years.

Leverlink offer the expertise of on-site Installation Specialists to ensure the customer a long and predictable service life.

For further information, please visit our Products page or contact sales@leverlink.com.au.