About Us

We are Australia’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of stored energy Motor Bases and Dynamic Impact Beds for Conveyors.

Our Rubber Torsional Springs are manufactured right here in Australia. We have almost 30 years of design and product development, and we lead the way with our Continuous Improvement Policy.

At Leverlink we have total control over quality. As a result, this allows us to provide warranties that are outstanding. In addition, we provide after-sales product support and we do our best to ensure every customer is a returning customer.

Why Use Leverlink Engineering?

At Leverlink, we provide high quality Australian-made products and ship them internationally. Our reputation has been formed by nearly three decades of exceptional customer service.

There are many low quality replications of our products on the market. However, at Leverlink, we only produce original designs and products.

Above all, we are confident enough to provide warranties in the most hostile environments that are not seen anywhere else in the world.


Our mission is to create lasting partnerships with our customers. We do this by providing high quality products and solutions.


Leverlink’s vision is to be recognised as a customer orientated world-class solutions provider, offering innovative dynamic solutions and services.


At Leverlink, our values are built on three main things:

1. Safety
We provide products that improve safety in the most hazardous environments. Safety is the foundation of our existence.

2. Customer Orientation
Over the past 30 years, we have worked closely with our customers to provide quality solutions. Our products are built to the standard they are today as a result of customer feedback.

3. Flexibility
We understand that every project is different. We are flexible in every aspect of our business and therefore we provide services and solutions to work with the requirements of our customers.