Leverlink Motor Bases

We are Australia's (and one of the world's) leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of stored energy motor bases, also known as self tensioning motor bases, tensioning motor bases, and auto tensioning motor bases. A Leverlink rubber torsion spring is the heart of stored energy motor bases. It provides a constant force to compensate for belt stretch and wear. The mechanical design will allow for quick belt fitting and replacement, with a single adjusting screw. Pulleys remain aligned and shafts parallel after initial set up. Risk assessments have shown that this method increases safety, and potential personal injury is minimised, compared to conventional methods using jacking bolts, slide rails or other similar mechanical systems. Our mechanical engineers will design to suit your site specifications and budget.
  • Designing and manufacturing motor bases for more than 20 years

  • Customisation when required

  • Proven in the most hostile environments