Our History

George William (Will) Sharp

George William (Will) Sharp

Born 1847

William (Bill) Sharp

William (Bill) Sharp


Born 1881

William "Cyril" Sharp

William "Cyril" Sharp

Quarryman / Businessman

Born 1906

Richard Sharp

Richard Sharp

Managing Director

Taken in 2017

The History of Leverlink

The Sharp family came from the rocks and hard places. Over the years they developed solid skills based on a quarrying, engineering and mining background. This today forms many aspects of the Leverlink team.

It all began when George William (Will) Sharp immigrated from England to New Zealand in 1865 on the sailing ship, Bombay. Will worked on roading projects and mining in the Bombay region (named after the sailing ship). His son Bill, did not follow in his footsteps, and instead became a farmer. However, Will’s grandson Cyril Sharp stepped back into the quarrying industry and started a quarrying business c.1930 that operated from the south of Auckland to the far north of New Zealand.

Leverlink Today

In the early 1990s, Richard Sharp developed many innovative products including self-tensioning motor bases, chain tensioners and dynamic impact beds, some utilising the principles of Hermann J. Neidhart’s inventions.

Many people who grew up in the quarry industry will tell you that innovation is a daily activity, where spanners are thrown into the works without notice. Reacting to the problems often requires ingenious solutions to keep the product flowing.

Developing Solutions

Today Leverlink manufacturers the world’s largest torsion spring and continues to develop solutions, not just products.

In the early part of the new millennium, further solutions were developed. Pictured below, is a large diesel-powered belt drive in the cotton industry utilises Leverlink innovation.

Over the last few years, we have developed light-weight hybrid guarding that provides a solution to many stakeholders.


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