We often use the phrase “Our past is our future”.  Our Dynamic Impact Beds provide conveyor belt impact solutions. We have had over 20 years in successful design installations of dynamic impact beds to mine and quarry belts.  This has given us experience second to none in Australia.  Consequently, we are able to build our future on our past experience.

We specialise in larger conveyor belts from 1200 wide to 3000 wide.  We can engineer solutions for large run-of-mine material that has extraordinary free-fall heights and high tonnages.   Therefore, this makes us one of the world’s competent engineering facilities able to carry out this type of work.

Leverlink-Perth-Western Australia-New Caledonia-Indonesia

Typical of the 1995 period (and before the requirement of Hi-Vis clothing).  This photo shows a clean up taking place prior to the inspection of an 1800mm wide primary conveyor belt.

Dynamic impact bed size comparison

Ready for shipment, this multiple trough dynamic impact bed designed for 2000 wide belt x 55 degree trough angle. This unit was accepting rock up to half a metre in diameter.

Leverlink engineer inspecting mid 90s dynamic impact bed

Inspecting a Leverlink Dynamic Impact Bed installed in the mid 1990s.

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