Motorbases for electric motors

Vee Belt Self-tensioning Technology

Leverlink self-tensioning technology motorbases are designed to replace traditional labour-intensive tensioning systems such as hydraulic pivot systems, jacking bolts and slide rails. Our self-tensioning motorbases are engineered and manufactured in Brisbane, Australia and shipped around the globe.

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The HA series motor bases were designed for safety purposes.  We arbitrarily design for all electric motors 200kW and above to be placed on a parallelogram twin or dual spring motor base.  This eliminates the risk involved with a single pivot system overbalancing and perhaps causing injury.  The Leverlink HA Series Motor Bases pass all risk assessments.

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WATCH OUR VIDEO BELOW:  LEVERLINK Motorbase in action, as the screen passes through resonance during start up and shut down.

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Feature Summary

  • Leverlink manufactures the worlds largest torsion spring. The torsion spring is used to keep the drive belts in constant belt tension. The torsion spring works by adjusting a tensioning device on the Leverlink that in turn adds torsion to the spring. This applies torque to the spring that is proportional to the rotation of the tensioning device. The device stores mechanical energy and as the vee belts wear, the resistance on the spring is lowered, hence increasing the center distance of the drive until the applied resistance is equal to the pre-tension set by the tensioning device.
    Adjusting a large drive could not be easier with Leverlink’s proprietary tensioning system. The device is designed to make tensioning vee belts as easy and safe as possible. The device on the ‘4G Series’ is encapsulated, saving the system from the elements of the environment. One of our parts on this system requires over 100 manufacturing steps to get the device to the standard we require (and you will love).
    The Leverlink motorbase will only move the pulleys in one plane. This results in constant angular alignment and pulleys will always remain parallel.No need for the arduous task of aligning pulleys by applying the jacking bolt process or slide rail process.
    Grease lines can be installed to allow for efficient maintenance of our units. Even though there is very little maintenance on our self-tensioning motorbases we want to make this task as efficient and accessible as possible. Grease lines allow the motorbase to be greased at one central location. This ensures no maintenance tasks can be overlooked.
    All our internal components are designed to last. Our pivot shafts are made from marine grade stainless to prevent any possibility failures associated with corrosion.

Benefit Summary

  • Efficient belt changes are one of the many benefits of installing a Leverlink self-tensioning motorbase. Picture raising a three tonne motor on jacking bolts? It can take hours upon hours (and that’s if no one gets hurt). It is not an easy task. Now picture the same task with a Leverlink motorbase. A three tonne motor can be raised and lowered safely and within minutes.
    Misaligned pulleys are one of the biggest issues in the industry. It can take hours to align pulleys correctly when using anything other than a Leverlink. Even when alignment is correct, the chances are tension is compromised. Once pulleys start to operate misaligned, belt and pulley wear will occur immediately resulting in premature failure. labour associated with these change outs is often more expensive than the parts themselves.
    One Touch Tensioning allows users to adjust one tensioning device. This is safer, more efficient and allows a tensioning task to be completed by one person. Other advantages of one touch tensioning is that the belt tension can be checked within arms length of the tensioning device.
    With our encapsulated tensioning device, corrosion and seizures are not a problem with Leverlink motorbases. Once the units are greased periodically tensioning is as easy as it was the day it left the factory.
    A rattle gun//socket is a lot easier to operate than a large cumbersome wrench with a pipe on the end just to get leverage on a jacking bolt. By eliminating the task you eliminate the risk.
    We have proven that vee belts can be changed (and tensioned correctly) in under one minute. One of our service technicians can tension all belts across a complete Coal Handling plant in less than one shift in a safe manner. It all comes back to having the right tool for the job. Tensioning belts is no different.
    Transmitting energy efficiently is a global topic now, and always will be. By installing a Leverlink self-tensioning motorbase you keep the vee belt tensions within the belt manufacturer’s tensioning envelope longer. A plant with many motors can waste millions of dollars every year through efficiency losses. Many companies will publish literature stating that purchasing a high efficient motor will be economically rewarding. While this is true, efficiency loss through incorrect belt tension can be even greater.

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The Name You Can Trust

The durability, quality and efficiency of a Leverlink self-tensioning motorbase has given the company an admirable reputation across most industries.

Leverlink Verti-lift Motorbase

There is no equivalent supplier on the marketplace that can guarantee their product like Leverlink can. With Leverlink motorbases, we design specifically to suit your needs. Customer feedback, quality control and a live continuous improvement policy have made Leverlink the world leader in self-tensioning motorbase technology.




Leverlink have designed over 200 different models to suit a variety of industries. Please see our Industries section to see what solutions we provide to your industry.

Motor Sizes

Motorbases are designed and engineered to accommodate any motor up to 1000 kW and to suit various applications. We understand that one size does not fit all. A motor that would be driving a vibrating screen would have a different motorbase than one that drives a pump. We have over 200 models of self-tensioning motorbases so please contact our sales department to find out what model is right for your application.

Application Location

We have worked together with our suppliers to perfect our in-house protective coating systems and procedures. Time has proven that our products are lasting longer than the actual plant they are installed on.

Working environment, temperature, humidity, air quality, and are just some factors that affect protective coatings. We have solutions to suit different environments, as we understand that our customers have different needs.


Motorbase Availability & Lead Time

Along with having an impressive turn around time for project work, we have a minimum stock level at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant right here in Brisbane. Please contact us for urgent matters and we will try to meet your needs.

Motorbase Selection Chart

Please find some of our motorbase options below.

LLS-003-0214 Model Selection Guide

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