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LEVERLINK – Series VU and VD Motor Bases for Mining Industry Sump Pumps.

LEVERLINK Series VU and VD Motor Bases for Mining Industry Sump Pumps have been operating in Australia for more than 25 years. Mining Industry Sump Pumps are commonly seen in Wet Processing Plants and positioned around large ground stock piling areas to prevent flooding from dust suppression or natural rain events.

The Stop/Start nature of a sump pump demands it is fitted with a belt tensioning system that will extend belt and pulley life. The LEVERLINK VU and VD Series incorporates Stored Energy Technology to compensate for belt stretch and wear. The Tensioning System is fully enclosed in a grease filled housing. Unlike mechanical systems, when maintained correctly it will not fail when operating in the Harshest Mining Environments.

The VU (Vertical UP) model allows for the electric motor to be operated On-End with the Drive Pulley on top. In contrast, the VD (Vertical Down) model has the drive pulley underneath. They are specifically manufactured to the size of the electric motors and sump pumps.

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