Hybrid Guards

Hybrid Guards Collage

Feature Summary

  • Stainless Steel Lining
  • Inspection Hatch
  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • Optional Optional Backing
  • Optional UHMWPE Guide Rails for large guards
  • Optional Modular Design

Benefit Summary

  • Efficient Belt Change/Tensioning
  • Lightweight, Easy to Handle
  • Corrosion free Stainless & HDPE
  • Reduces Manual Handling Risk
  • Reduces Downtime

Hybrid Guard

Leverlink Hybrid Guards were introduced to eliminate the need for cranes to remove guards from drives. Due to the success of the guard design we have expanded the range to suit any drive. The guards are custom built and can be retrofitted to your application. 

The external sections of our hybrid guards that are open to the harsh environment are all corrosion free materials.

The durability, quality and safety aspect of our lightweight hybrid guards have made the solution one of the most successful addition to our product line.

There is no equivalent supplier on the marketplace that can guarantee their product like Leverlink can.