Chain Tensioners


Leverlink’s tried and proven range of rubber torsion spring tensioning systems for drive chain and transmission belts have been well established during the past 20 years plus.



Leverlink designs and manufactures in Australia large chain tensions from 1″ to 6″ pitch.  These can be supplied in simplex, duplex, or triplex.


Feature Summary

  • Torsion Spring
  • High grade polymer slide media
  • Reversible
  • 360 Degree Mounting Brackets
  • Adjustable Spring

Benefit Summary

  • Five Times the Life of a Sprocket
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Release Poly Block
  • Extends Chain Life
  • Eliminates Chordal Effect
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Easy to Carry a 5 kg Polymer Block

 Chain Tensioners

Leverlink chain tensioners eliminate the need for a sprocket. By removing a sprocket the chain life is immediately extended as it removes the wear caused by engagement between the sprocket and chain.

Replacing a sprocket in hard to reach areas that can be several stories up is not an easy task. A polymer tensioning block weights less than 5 kg, compared to a sprocket that may be over 30 kgs.

As the Polymer tensioning blocks have an extremely low coefficient of friction, the unit can outlast a sprocket by at least 5 times. Once the block needs replacing, it can be rotated 90 degrees and the life is extended again.



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